Why we love the cover of “Love In The Dark” by Leroy Sanchez – Oito Tempos Blog

Amazing clip alert!

If you like “Love in the Dark”, by Adele, take a look at this cover by Leroy Sanchez, with choreography by Kyle Hanagami.

There are more videos in the same footprint, which are a delight for those who like dancing!

We like this one more because, in addition to the intense movement of the dancers and the camera game, you still have toast the light effects that made all the difference.

We love a dance clip and we sincerely hope that more artists decide to bet on this combination that works very well!

Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=aeijJf-zjzY

Check out the gallery! Note: the images are reproduction of the clip.

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