• January 22, 2022

What Are the Different Colored Tees in Golf and What Do They Mean?

The are several different tees on golf an they are there so that you can choose the length of the whole you want to play. These different tees are there to allow a golf course to be a challenge for everyone what ever their skill level. It is normal for a golf course to have more than one teeing area. The usual amount of tees on most golf courses is four (although I have seen courses with six tees). In maybe confusing to try and pick the right tee for you. Below is a guide to help you understand which tee is the right one for you.

1) The Gold Tee – These tees are for the big hitters and are generally the back tees. If you are confident of your game and can drive the ball well then this is the tee for you.

2) The Blue Tee – This teeing area is slightly ahead of the gold tee and thus make the hole shorter. These are still for experienced golfers and most club competitions are played off these tees.

3) The White Tee – This is the teeing area for the everyday and casual golfer. If you are a beginner then I would suggest this is the best course for you. If I were you don’t be over confident and drift away from the white tee as you may live to regret it.

4) The Red Tee – These tees are usually for female golfers but most women I have played with drove off the same tee as me.

There you go tees explained as a beginner start at the white or red tee and move on from there.

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