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Like the Royal Ballet, we decided to divide the review into two parts so that you could better enjoy each moment commented by us. And as everything good comes in double… check out the best of the second part of this broadcast !! It took, but it arrived !!!

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Jeux’s thoughtful essays. Photos: Playback / YouTube.

We already know that we will like the second part when we see the newest first dancer, Yasmine Naghdi, in the rehearsal of Jeux.

THE repetiteur Rosaly Whitten commands and ensures that the dancers’ timing accuracy is perfect. We still have our new main favorite Vadim Muntagirov and the first artist (Brazilian!) Isabella Gasparini.

The Judas Tree it is the repertoire that follows the rehearsals of the day, this time with the main Brazilian dancer Thiago Soares (he who joined the company in 2002 and acts as the main since 2006). The ballet was created in 1992 by Kenneth MacMillan, considered one of his most controversial ballets. The music presents itself in a very striking and strong way throughout the rehearsal, and apparently a very sensual choreography, too, as shown by Lauren Cuthbertson.

We only see Reece Clarke as a soloist rehearsing among the others who are main dancers (besides Thiago and Lauren, we also have Edward Watson). He says it is a great opportunity to be rehearsing with them. We just imagine how amazing it must be!

The Judas Tree is part of a national celebration of the 25th anniversary of the death of Kenneth MacMillan, who was artistic director and revolutionized the Royal with beautiful iconic repertoires, such as: Romeo and Juliet, Mayerling and Manon, pieces that are part of the company until today. The English National Ballet is also part of the celebration, featuring another of MacMillan’s acclaimed creations: Song of the Earth.

Elite Syncopations it was by far the most liked repertoire within the broadcast. Seeing Laura Moreira together with the soloists Yuhui Choe and Melissa Hammilton is, of course, a formula for us to love whatever they dance! A lot of precision and a light ragtime atmosphere mark the trio. Melissa sometimes made mistakes and forgot the movements, totally representing all of us who forgot the sequence in the festival rehearsals (hihi)!

That trio you respect!

If you liked these repertoires, The Judas Tree and Elite Syncopations are available for download on the blog Videos de Ballet Classico, along with yet another of MacMillan’s works: Concerto. Click on here For download!!

The Wind comes as a new repertoire option for the company, bringing choreography by Arthur Pita in partnership with Frank Moon’s music (by the way, wonderful! Point for them). The initial “footprint” comes with classic rock and roll chords, but soon after we move on to a more dramatic stretch with yet another of Royal’s new principals, Francesca Hayward, who does it very well during rehearsals! Point for her too !!

French Hayward in her essay for The Wind.

Finishing the transmission, we have the presentation of the Northern Ballet costume rehearsal that presents its ballet version of The Little Mermaid. We don’t know if it has a direct inspiration in the classic Disney film but we already liked it, not least because we don’t know any ballet in that story until then. And last but not least, an excerpt from the rehearsal of playing cards in the repertoire of Alice in Wonderland, that counted on the Brazilian Letícia Stock (in pink leotard) in the dance corps! And that our Brazilians continue to show in more broadcasts like these !! 🙂

Below is the video + gallery of the best moments of the full broadcast:

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