• January 22, 2022

I Am Afraid to Fly

Fear of flying in an airplane is called aerophobia.

Aerophobia occurs approximately 15-25% of the adult population.

Is aerophobia disease? There is no single-valued answer to this question. However, in many cases, fear of flying on a plane can be regarded as a disease.

Aerophobia can be cured with the help of modern psychotherapeutic techniques.

If a person does not fly on an airplane, there is no fear of flight. Aerophobia always associated with a sense of fear of flying on an airplane or situations that are associated with the flight. For example, fear of doing something inappropriate during the flight, inability to cope with fear during the flight and so on.

Then what’s the problem? People who have no fear of flight say: “Do not fly if you’re afraid”. The problem is in it. People with high degree aerophobia, often refuse to fly on a plane.

For a man who grows cucumbers in the country, aerophobia is not a problem. But for a man who has often business trips, aerophobia can significantly impede career development.

Meeting with friends, traveling during vacation, visiting parents who live in other city – all of it is a problem for a man who is afraid to fly by airplane, it greatly limits the quality of his life.

In many countries there is a huge number of courses which help people with aerophobia. Special programs for the treatment aerophobia are organized by most major airlines.

We give below some statistics:

• 18.1% of Americans do not fly by plane because they suffer from aerophobia

• 12.6% of Americans are afraid of flying by plane

That is approximately one-third of Americans who are afraid to fly. Approximately the same results were obtained in European countries. In general, 50% of people felt, at least, about once anxiety when they flew on an airplane. It is interesting, half of the respondents indicated that the reason for the rejection of the flight is fear. Only 6% of the respondents indicated that they considered that flying by plane is unsafe.

The standard recommendation in the media about aerophobia is to drink alcohol and not to worry. With regard to this recommendation we can say the following:

* It helps not to all people

* This may not help if you do not bring himself to alcoholic coma

* It is not very useful for heart health and working capacity after the flight

In other words, we do not recommend, but if you prefer and it helps, just try. All that is written about alcohol applies to tranquilizers.

But not so bad. Today aerophobia successfully treated. With modern techniques, aerophobia can be cured in 85-96% of cases.

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