• January 22, 2022

How to Keep Kids Content During Airplane Travel

If you have children then you already know about the most annoying question your child can ask – “Are we there yet?” They ask it so much that the next time they ask it, you have to do everything in your power to hold back from yelling from the top of your lungs, “Not yet, stop asking!”

If you want some ideas to help with traveling with children on an airplane, here are some suggestions for you to try.

Purchase a small backpack that qualifies as a carry-on bag. Inside the back pack have your child (children) fill the bag with some of their favorite smaller toys that do not light up or make sounds. Have them include at least 2 small books. Another thing is crayons and a coloring book is a must for just about any age. It will really help the trip go by faster for your child if you purchase a brand new coloring book that they have not explored yet. Brand new toys and coloring books not only brings a smile to their face to have a surprise but it keeps things more fresh and interesting for kids.

A new sticker book can also entertain them for some time. Sticker books are great for keeping little hands and minds busy as they peel, place and replace sticklers throughout the book.

For older children 7-14, try getting maze books, puzzle books and anything that will keep their minds busy.
Also with older children, you cannot go wrong with a portable DVD player and a headset, especially if a movie is not available on your flight.

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