• January 22, 2022

How to Join a Flying Club

Before joining a Flying Club:

Your choice of flying clubs is huge but check the following before joining up:

Make sure the club has sufficient planes and planes in excellent engineering order and has at the least planes that you are capable of learning in. Also it is vital that the Club has approval from the Aviation Authority for your particular country.

What are the facilities of the club like? Does it have a well maintained runway and hanger facilities? Is the club located close to where you can drive too? Does it have a PC available for flight simulation games?

Check the qualifications of the Club’s pilots. Are their licences current and valid? Get a feeling for how passionate the instructors are for flying. If it’s just a day job to them, think twice about the club. Instructors should be willing and enthusiastic about teaching their skills to you. They should be very capable of showing you first how to operate a good flight simulation game before they even take you up in a plane. Here you can take the controls on the ground to get a feel for what it’s going to be like up in the air.

Find out how many planes are available compared to students. Each student should have his own plane. International flying clubs usually ensure that this is the case.

Check to see if the club is complying with the rules of the Aviation Authority of your particular country. The club should have a good reputation and long history with the Authority.

It’s best to find out as much about the club from as many people as you can. Talk to fellow students to see if they enjoy flying with the instructors and gaining experience.

Make sure also that the flying schedule they offer fits into your daily schedule.

Pilots have different licences so if your reason for joining is to eventually become a commercial pilot it is essential that the club has a pilot with a commercial pilot’s licence.

The best flight simulator games for 2011 will provide you with excellent basic training and teach you all the aspects of the instruments and controls of the real aircraft. I would suggest that you learn in a Cessna first just as you are more than likely to at the flight club. You will be amazed at the realism of the cockpits of these craft and you can download these onto either a PC or a Mac.

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