• January 22, 2022

Grand Canyon Air Tours Are Perfect for the Valentine’s Weekend Holiday

Are you trying to plan a Valentine’s Day getaway that is exciting and romantic? Then consider an air tour of the Grand Canyon, because it would be the ideal blend of beauty, awe, and romance.

It’s easy to book one of these air tours because they depart from Las Vegas, Nevada as well as an airport near the South Rim in Arizona.

You can choose to tour by airplane or helicopter, but the best Grand Canyon flights are usually the ones by helicopter because you have better views. The airplane tours are good too, and whether you choose a plane or chopper tour, you will see some truly amazing scenery.

Tours That Depart From Vegas

The Vegas helicopter tours depart from Boulder City or the Vegas Strip. These Grand Canyon flights can even land at the canyon, you get to choose between an air-only or landing tour, with the landing tour being the most exciting.

There is even a landing tour that comes with a romantic Champagne picnic. It’s a great tour idea for Valentine’s Day, and you can even conclude with a relaxing boat ride along the smooth waters of the Colorado River.

You also get to choose between a standard or deluxe tour, with the deluxe tour offering nice perks such as departing conveniently from the Strip in Vegas. The deluxe tour is ideal if you’ll be staying in a Vegas hotel because it also comes with free transportation by limousine. Another perk of the deluxe tours is getting to see Vegas from the air as your chopper returns from the canyon.

Since these deluxe tours use the Eurocopter EC130 choppers, your ride will be more pleasant too. These helicopters offer fantastic views from their oversized windows, plus the ride is comfortable thanks to the luxury seating and enhanced aerodynamics.

Tours Departing From Arizona

The tours that depart from the South Rim in Arizona come in two varieties, a half hour tour and one that gives you fifty minutes of air time. While both tours are fantastic, the longer tour is better because you get to see so much more. The longer tour is so comprehensive, you get to see about 80 percent of the National Park by the time you’re through.

One thing to remember about South Rim tours is that they do not land at the canyon, they are air-only, so if you want to take a landing tour, plan on departing from Vegas instead.

Touring By Airplane

If you want to take an airplane tour, you can depart from Vegas or the South Rim. The airplane tours that depart from Vegas have landing options, and one fun thing you can try is walking out on the glass Skywalk that lets you peer down to the canyon floor below you. This tour is a great way for romantic adventure seekers to enjoy a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else on earth.

The Vegas South Rim airplane tours are a lot of fun too because you can book a package that includes a half hour helicopter tour of the rim along with a 2-hour tour of the park by bus.

Wrapping Up

If you want excitement and romance for Valentine’s Day, then look no further than an Canyon air tour. Valentine’s Day will soon be here, so book your air tour now, and surprise your sweetheart with a thrilling and thoughtful experience.

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