• January 22, 2022

Flight Simulation Games

One of the oldest of man’s dreams was to fly like the birds. It took thousand of year until this was accomplished, but even now, when flying is widely available, only a few people can actually experience the real thing.

Being on an airplane in the passenger seat doesn’t allow you to have the full extent of feelings that a pilot has, and in order to become pilot, you will have to take classes and hours and spend some time and money in the process, and even so, if you can’t afford your own airplane, the changes that you’ll experience the real thing are pretty slim.

Flight simulator games are the best thing in hand for most people, since they allow you to have the experience of flying an aircraft. As opposed to flying games, flight simulators are meant to be as realistic as possible. One of the most realistic and at hand experience is the one given by a computer based game, since not many people have the change of being in a full-size cockpit replica – these are usually mounted on hydraulic actuators that are controlled by computers, and replicate the exact experience of flying.

When it comes to computer based flight simulator games, there are only a few that offer a truly real simulation of the sun and moon cycle, the alignment of the planets and of the stars and night flying. Depending on what you want to experience, flying a 747 commercial airplane, or military jets, you have to choose carefully, since there aren’t so many games that offer all in one.

Summing it up, flight simulator games are the closest thing to the real deal for most people, and when thinking of purchasing one you must check out and see what it has to offer and how realistic the simulation truly is, since poor graphics will make the whole experience seem fake, and this isn’t something to be wanted

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