• January 22, 2022

Factors That Contribute to Airplane Accidents

Airway or aviation accidents happen on a daily basis. This could be from small scale problems before the aircraft takes off to large scale airplane crashes that causes fatalities. During the first nine months of 2008 alone, there have been 18 accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft. This number is just a rough estimate, however, since a number of minor accidents could have happened but have been left unreported. It therefore becomes even more important for us to know the common reasons for airline accidents in order to understand our rights should we become victims ourselves.

In February 2008, an aircraft departing Merida, Venezuela crashed, killing all 46 people on board. In December 20 of the same year, Continental Airlines Flight 1404 veered off the runway. Although there were no fatalities, at least 38 people were injured; two of them were in serious condition. Children and adults were on board these aircraft. This is just two examples of gruesome accidents that involve aircraft.

Causes of aviation accidents could range from machine errors to downright human negligence. Some of those caused by machines include faulty equipments as well as flawed airplane design. However, more aviation accident causes are due primarily to human error. Some examples of these are pilot or flight crew mistakes. If the pilot or the crew presses the wrong button at the wrong time, it could mean trouble to everyone on board the aircraft. And what about intoxicated pilots? If your pilot is intoxicated or is suffering from a medical condition such as vertigo, he will not be able to fly the aircraft correctly and accurately. In this case, the safety of everyone is at stake. Some other causes of aviation accidents could include violation of regulations imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, failure to properly fuel or maintain the aircraft and negligence of Federal Air Traffic Controllers. It is alarming to know that some of the aircraft accidents are caused by human errors and most of these errors cause deaths to a number of people.

However, there are also accidents in aviation that are caused by natural circumstances. Bird strikes have been reported to be one of the most common cause of aviation accidents. Bird strikes happen when aircraft collide with airborne animals, mostly birds and bats. When this happens, the animal is sucked up by the nosecone of the airplane. Although no fatalities have been reported from bird strikes, it has caused injury to a number of passengers already. Most of the time, this would cause minor disruptions in the aircraft’s motor.

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