• January 22, 2022

Do You Fly Your Model Airplane Like a Clown?

Mr. Me

There’s a local pilot that has a polarizing effect on other club members. Either they like him or hate him. I haven’t taken a poll to see which group is bigger, but emotions always run high whenever his name comes up in conversation.

Curious, I have watched him from a distance for some time. He’s young and very immature. Social niceties and deep meaningful conversations are simply not part of his repertoire. He acts like a kid at a candy store, bouncing from one end of the pit area to the other. He’s loud and conversations are meant to be interrupted. If he wants to fly, he’s going to fly. Never mind how many are already in the air or who else has been waiting patiently for his chance to take off.

Mr. Me (as I’m going to call him) loves to fly and is at the flying field on most weekends. Those of us that have managed to look past his boisterous bravado, like I have, have been rewarded with almost virtuoso level flying performances. Many will deny this because of their personal dislike for his antics, but Mr. Me is an excellent pilot.

A Victim or a Hero?

Those that defend his actions see no malice in him. They say let him be, he’s just having fun. There are too many tired geezers at the field already, they say. We need a young person full of energy to keep us on our toes.

Am I being unfair by singling him out? I have no reason to defend him, and I have no reason to use him as a scapegoat. In truth, he’s never done anything to offend me. He’s not the only pilot at the flying field with poor behavior. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are others with worse behavior, actually.

Still a Clown

But guess what? To many (most?) at the field, he’s just a clown. They have no respect for him or his flying. There are several other excellent pilots at the club, but they don’t act like he does at all.

Don’t be a Clown

Model aircraft flying (airplanes and helicopters) is a social activity. You and those around you will have a more enjoyable time at the flying field if we treat each other with respect and courtesy. If people like you, your flying skill will improve, even if it’s just in their eyes.

Don’t be a clown.

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