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Want to know how to not be nervous in a presentation? The nervousness that precedes a dance performance is very similar to what happens with speakers at the beginning of their careers: the fear of performing in public can cause chills! We’ve already given you tips here get ready for an audition, And in this post we will give some guidelines to avoid nervousness when presenting in public.

There are many rehearsals until the big day arrives. The hour of the presentation is the moment when you will show all your talent and effort to the audience, which requires a lot of responsibility from the entire dance corps. But how to deal with feelings at that time?

In times of anxiety, the human body responds quickly to this sensation with physical symptoms. Therefore, the mouth starts to dry, the breath becomes labored and the hands can even get cold and tremble. Do you want to learn how to deal with this situation? Continue reading and learn some tips to calm down and let the insecurity beside!

Do breathing exercises

To calm your body and mind and learn how to avoid being nervous in a presentation, doing breathing exercises is a good idea. When breathing calmly, the body comes to understand that it is necessary to calm down and sends messages to the brain that it can lower anxiety.

Practicing this type of exercise is not difficult. To begin, try inhaling while counting to 5 and exhaling counting to 10. Repeat this breath 6 to 7 times and notice that you will become more and more calm and relaxed.

Wear comfortable clothes

One of the ways to find out how to not be nervous in a presentation is directly related to the clothes that you will use. It must be comfortable so that it does not keep marking your body and this does not interfere with the movements of the choreography.

Choose in advance the costume you will use in the performance and do not forget to check if the model is suitable for the type of dance that will be displayed. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you can search for brands that work only with this type of clothing.

Think about your essays

Before the day of the presentation, you certainly prepared and rehearsed a lot, right? And practice is, without a doubt, the great secret to success. So, if insecurity and anxiety start to show up on the big day, think about all the rehearsals and your dedication.

Rescue security in yourself and have a clear conscience. Keep in mind at all times that you have done your best to prepare for that important moment.

Enlist the help of the teacher

If you are still feeling nervous, a good tip is to ask your dance instructor or instructor for help. As they have more experience, they will certainly be able to help you in that moment when the nerves are on edge. This way, you will be able to calm down more easily.

Another tip is to count on the help of the dance colleagues themselves in case of doubt or if you forget some part of the choreography due to nervousness. With the support of everyone around you, the presentation will be performed in an impeccable and memorable way!

Focus on your presentation

Another very important tip to find out how to not be nervous in a presentation is to direct your concentration to what really matters, which is the performance itself. Don’t worry about the audience, fear of making mistakes or what other people might think about your moment on stage.

Use the preceding minutes as an opportunity to go over the choreography in your head and focus on doing your best without worrying excessively or leaving room for insecurity. In addition, stick to check your list of costume pieces and other items you’ll need.

Try rehearsing on stage

If possible, practice on the stage where you will perform. Generally, when the day of the presentation approaches, schools schedule a dress rehearsal on stage. In addition, there is the scheduling of the stage on the day itself, which is done just before the performance.

Plan yourself not to miss any of these situations. These rehearsals will help you get a better sense of the space that you will occupy on stage during each of the choreography drawings, and this, for sure, will convey greater security.

Think you are the best

Why not give yourself an injection of self-esteem at that moment? Nervousness and anxiety go hand in hand with insecurity, and remembering how good you are at what you do and all the training you did to perform a beautiful grand jeté can bring the determination you need!

Think of your talent, what is good about you and your specialty, which is dance. Put yourself as the best dancer, make sure you are able to shine on stage and let fear go!

Maintain a posture of self-confidence

Any human being is susceptible to making mistakes. If even following all the tips to not be nervous in public, you make a mistake at the time of the presentation, keep yourself with a self-confident posture, make that “face” of those who did exactly what was meant to be done and follow the choreography looking discreetly at the colleague next door.

Every dancer, even the most experienced studied abroad, You can make mistakes on the day of the presentation, so don’t feel bad about it – and it is quite possible that your mistake is imperceptible to the audience.

Work your body expression

Still thinking about maintaining a posture of self-confidence, think that this should be demonstrated both in facial expression – open a big smile – and in body expression. So, stretch your spine, lift your head, rape your chest and stay confident.

This is a great tip for not being nervous in public and that can be applied before and during the presentation. If you make a mistake, fall or forget the choreography, do not lower your head or shoulders, continue in your posture until you find the thread and continue.

Don’t be overwhelmed by anxiety

Anxiety is to suffer for something that hasn’t happened yet, which means that you haven’t even made a mistake yet and are already suffering from it! Focus on the present and enjoy each moment in a pleasant way. From the time to put on makeup, put on the costume and fix the hair until that little chill in the belly minutes before the presentation can be very pleasant moments.

During the presentation, enjoy every movement, every instant and don’t be thinking about that super difficult step that is there at the end of the choreography. Leave it only for the right time and, of course, always remember to breathe.

Do pleasant activities before the presentation

Doing any activity that you enjoy and that is capable of bringing fun to the moments that precede the presentation has a very positive effect on your psychological. For this reason, it is a good indication to be able to control nervousness.

For this reason, plan to be distracted a little before going on stage. If you prefer, make a list of what you like to do and the activities that, for sure, will make you lighter and without so many worries. They can include eating something nice, chatting with friends or anything else that makes you happy. Just don’t forget that, whatever you choose, nothing can hinder the presentation time. Be responsible and punctual!

Warm up

Never go on stage with a cold body. It is essential to always warm up before a presentation. This is because, when we are nervous, we tend to hurt ourselves more, because we are distracted or very tense. Without proper warm-up, the chances only increase.

Bear in mind that theater stages are usually cooler than classrooms, so don’t neglect this step. You can do the exercises you prefer, or even a mini-class to warm up, the important thing is not to go on stage without having your body ready.

Master the choreography

It was months of rehearsing, right? Strength training, balance, flexibility, coordination and memory to decorate the whole choreography. Do you feel you are dominating everything? So great, calm down!

Is there a point where you still feel insecure? Train that part more, take notes, film yourself performing the movements and then watch to assess what is bad and think about how it can improve. Mastering choreography and stage design will make you feel more confident and relaxed for the big day.

Being on stage is a great challenge, whether to dance, perform or speak. You are in evidence and, for some, it is common that this brings some discomfort, but this nervousness is also the icing on the cake! What fun would it be if there was no chill in the belly, right?

Besides, this is all training. Certainly, over time, nervousness decreases, anxiety is not so intense and you will rock the stage in Brazil and the world! Why not?

Being apprehensive when performing or even speaking in public is a normal situation. But, now that you know how to not be nervous in a presentation, you can control that feeling and not let it take over you. Knowing how to deal with nervousness is a big step towards excellence on stage!

If you liked the tips for not being nervous in public at a dance performance, how about leaving a comment? Tell us about your emotions and feelings days before the performance. We want to know!

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