• January 20, 2022

Check out 4 tips to combine study and training! – Passion for Dance

Can you reconcile study and training? With a busy routine of college work, exam weeks and seminars, how can the study and practice of ballet fit into the agenda? You may have already wondered how to manage everything and, in the midst of that, still find some time to rest, right?

In this text, we will show that it is possible to find a way to do both without sacrificing college studies or reducing the time needed to perfect your ballet movements. Thinking about your well-being and comfort, check out some tips on how to combine study and training in your routine!

1. Have discipline and organization

This is probably a phrase that you hear a lot, right? It may seem beaten and repetitive, but without discipline and organization, you may feel that you need to give up something to be able to handle everything. And it doesn’t have to happen. Therefore, planning should be the watchword of your routine. Make a schedule – in writing – of everything you need to do in the week.

Set aside a few hours a day for your ballet training and a few hours for your study. When you are making your weekly schedule, assess your priorities. It may be that, in a week of exams, for example, you have to focus a little more on your studies, and that’s fine. However, with more or less time, be sure to train every day to perfect the practice. Your body needs custom and recurring training.

2. Train in the right uniform

For you to achieve excellence in movement, it is important to be comfortable and dress accordingly. Even if you train at home, always wear the correct uniform. After all, it will be difficult to see if your movements are right if you wear a wide blouse instead of the leotard, isn’t it?

Using the right uniform and accessories optimizes your training. Making a well-done bun, for example, saves you from wasting time styling your hair in the middle of training and makes it easy to visualize movements. In addition, the right size sneaker that suits your abilities prevents falls and gives you more freedom, but these are just a few. So stay tuned and remember that none of the items can be a nuisance, okay?

3. Have equipment at home

To streamline your routine and be more practical, you need to be able to train. If you are not having regular workouts at your gym, use equipment and accessories that will help maintain your fitness at home.

You can choose to have a thera-band, for example, which will help in stretching your arms and legs, or by chinerina, which specifically helps in stretching your feet. For training, you can choose the Barra a Terre technique. What you can’t do is to go without training. But remember to be very careful when training alone. Respecting your limits is very important for any dancer who cares about your health.

4. Take time to rest

So far, you have learned that you need to have the necessary equipment and uniforms within an organized routine to reconcile studies and ballet. But that is not enough. If you want to keep your mind and body prepared to face this routine, it is essential to insert deserved moments of rest into it. Have a good night’s sleep and set aside time during your day to dedicate yourself to you. Read a book, watch a series, take care of your skin or do absolutely nothing. This is important for your physical and mental health, as well as avoiding overload.

Now that you have learned to combine study and training, you are ready for the challenges that a dual routine can bring. Remember to follow your schedule, wear the correct uniform and always train respecting your limits to be able to do everything in a balanced way. We at Evidence Ballet can help you on this journey, as we have the accessories and products you need for your training to be more functional and practical.

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