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We went through a delicate moment in the world. With the new coronavirus pandemic, staying at home has been the safest measure to avoid contamination of the population. However, in the case of dancers, the practice of dance needs to be a constant activity.

However, what now? In this scenario, how to reconcile the two situations and prevent the disease without losing its shape? In this post, we list important tips for those who want to practice ballet at home safely. Check it out below!

Search online classes

Training at home, without the help of a qualified teacher, is not as simple as it sounds. Therefore, you can search for classes online and even by videoconference to have some support.

Talk to your teacher about the possibility of continuing training, even at a distance, and prepare, together with him, a class with simpler exercises that do not bring the risk of accidents or injuries. Remember that at this point, the ideal is to just stay active and not try to learn new jumps and pirouettes.

Keep stretching

Losing stretching is a ballerina’s nightmare, so it is important to maintain a daily exercise routine at home. However, it is important to be careful. Stretches done incorrectly can cause strains and injuries. Therefore, do only exercises that you are used to, follow the correct techniques and do not try to force the stretch beyond your limit.

Do the barbell workout

Depending on the space you have available at home, it can be difficult to complete a class, with center, diagonal, spins and jumps. In addition, this type of exercise can bring more risk of accidents and you will not always have the proper floor to avoid overloading your joints.

Therefore, it is best to find a space to do at least a simple barbell workout. To do this, use the back of a chair or a piece of furniture, as long as it has the appropriate height. Pointe shoes are also not recommended for training in the home environment. It is better and safer to use only the sock.

Prepare as if you were going to class

If you are willing to keep your workouts at home, it is essential to prepare yourself as if you were going to the dance academy. This means that you must hydrate well and warm up all the muscles before starting the exercises.

In addition, it is important to respect the uniform. The hair must be tightly tied to avoid accidents and the best thing is to use your class clothes. Sneakers, leotards and pantyhose are important so that you do not slip or tangle in the garments, especially if you are not on the proper floor.

Maintaining a constant exercise routine is essential for you to improve each day more as a dancer. However, when practicing ballet at home, even more caution is needed. Keep in mind that any incorrect movement, or even minor accidents, can cause serious injuries. Therefore, respect your limits and do only exercises that you already know.

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