• January 22, 2022

Airplanes For Sale – How to Avoid Getting Caught Out

The very idea of airplanes for sale is to the novice consumer, a highly amusing one indeed and who will no doubt be tickled pink at this. Rest assured, the person who tells you this is not trying to pull your leg or the wool over your eyes, as there are a number of websites and service providers whose sole remit is the purchasing and selling of used airplanes. If we are to consider it from an entirely reasonable perspective, relying upon the twin pillars of common sense, i.e. logic and reason then it stands to form then that airplanes for sale should not be too surprising.

Humans sell cars, boats, bicycles and wheelchairs all of which are forms of mobility and transport and yet, we do not bat an eyelid at their disposal. However, for some curious reason, the very idea of purchasing a plane is just a step too far for most of us to come to terms with.

Perhaps this stems from the (at least, perceived) high costs associated with an airplane, both in terms of an initial purchase amount as well as the running expenses that will be associated with the aircraft in the long term and this will include the likes of repairs, fuel, storage, security of the aircraft as well as insurance. You may find that your brand new toy quickly turns out to be a lost more costly than you may have initially planned for or made your offer to purchase on, and so please ensure that you carefully consider all of the implications of your decision before committing yourself fully.

Whilst professional vendors are required to be vetted and licensed before they are legally entitled to begin the selling and purchasing of aircraft, things become a sight more tricky and problematic when it comes to the issue of 2nd hand, private sales and auctions especially where they are conducted over the internet. Make sure that you actually get an opportunity to physically examine and inspect the aircraft in question rather than merely taking the description presented to you by the seller at face value, for there is always the temptation on their part to downplay flaws with the aircraft or exaggerate positive features.

Given the sums of money involved, it is also strongly recommended that you hire the services of a lawyer before actually paying over any cash for the aircraft, this will keep both seller and purchaser protected.

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