• January 22, 2022

Airplane Simulator Game – Know What’s Best for Your Children

An airplane simulator game can be both entertaining and educations as it is often based on real historical events. Also, this type of game enhances hand-eye coordination. However because the nature of this game borders into violence and often has high difficulty level, it is very hard to find a game that is suitable to young children.

Are you looking for a game like this for your child to play?

You’re in luck as this article has three games suitable to be played by kids. Don’t forget the joystick though.

What are these games?

1.    Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series. In this series you can compete in an air race or bring relief to disaster struck areas. In recent versions, the look is much improved to make land masses and the aircraft resemble the real thing through the incorporation of 3D. You can choose the PC game which is rated E (Everyone) which can be played by kids aged 6 and above.

2.    F-22 Lightning. Though this have some violent features (i.e. leveling cities with the use of nuclear weapons), it is still rated E. Here you encounter and deal with weather conditions (rain, hail, snow, wind) as you fly imitating a real flight experience. This is available for PC.

3.    Blazing Angels. This has a T rating as it is an airplane simulator game intended for teens. This isn’t a good choice is you are looking for something to entertain a younger child due to the higher level of violence. This is based on WWII’s aerial battles using historic planes.

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