• January 22, 2022

Airplane Banners – Changing the Way We Advertise

Airplane banners are those colorful ads that you see trailing behind small aircraft. You usually see them at outdoor events on the 4th of July or a large rock concert. You can also see them when you are relaxing at the beach or at large sports events like the “Super bowl.” How is it that Airplane banners have become so popular with advertisers?

Promoters are realizing that most conventional advertising is becoming ineffective. The glaring ads that pop up in our faces are becoming just another facet of life. Consumers are simply tired of all the ads that are being thrown in their faces. They are fed up with every man woman and child trying to sell them something. Airplane banners offer the consumer a break with a unique and fun form of advertising.

How is this form of promotion different and how does it differ from conventional advertising?

Consider the normal run of the mill “in your face” advertising. It is everywhere and there is no place to hide from it. There is just non stop selling from the moment you step out of your home. Even in your home you cannot escape, TV the radio and your favorite publications have advertisements jumping out at you in every direction. With Airplane banners the whole concept of advertising has changed.

How can Airplane banners make a difference in advertising?

Simply put, they are different. They are not the usual boring, hard sell, “in your face” advertising that consumers have come to hate. This form of advertising is different and makes a refreshing change for consumers. This makes them very much more responsive to the ad. Instead of just passing the ad by and zoning it out people are actually looking, reading and remembering the ad. This results in better response and of course sales.

Airplane banners are fun, upbeat and memorable. People are enjoying the brightly colored appealing ads. Any event requires you to get there a few hours before the event takes place. Aerial advertising is a nice diversion while you are waiting. Children love them and always point out the pretty aircraft in the sky.

Airplane banners do not push advertising onto the consumer. These ads are viewed because consumers want to look at them not because they are forced to. When the aircraft engine is heard by the audience they automatically look up. Nobody asks them to look at the ad they do so because they want to.

With Airplane banners you can help to revolutionize advertising and turn bored consumers into responsive hot leads. When you get more responses you will automatically make more sales and enough profit to pay for your ad and still make a profit. This form of advertising is the wave of the future.

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