• January 22, 2022

Air Traffic Controller Errors

Flying is turning into a more and more popular method of travel. Flight makes traveling faster and easier, and hundreds of people can cross the globe on a single plane. However, as an increasing amount of planes flock to airports, it can get hectic on the runway and in the air. Thus, pilots and passengers must rely on the expertise of air traffic controllers to orchestrate flights and keep them safe.

When you fly, you interact with the people at the ticket counter, and you may see the pilot inside the cabin. You typically also talk to the stewards and stewardesses during the course of the flight preparation and flight itself. However, although these people are the faces of the airlines and your plane experience, it is air traffic controllers who are the true directors.

Air traffic controllers, or ATCs, must follow strict regulations in order to direct and control air traffic. They have many different responsibilities, including:

-Directing the takeoff and landing of planes

-Lead pilots to the runway

-Inform pilots of other planes in the area

-Remain in contact with pilots throughout the flight

-Direct pilots to their destinations

-Check weather for a flight’s takeoff and destination as well as route

-Issue flight delays

-Direct ground, maintenance, and baggage crews

-Help during emergencies, such as redirected landings, alternate routes, etc.

Because of the importance of all of these tasks, a single mistake by an ATC can result in devastating accidents, such as runway crashes and flying through dangerous weather. Therefore, it is key that air traffic controllers always follow regulations and use their knowledge and skills to get people safely home.

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