• January 22, 2022

Aerial Advertising – Take Your Business Skyward!

Aerial advertising is a way to highlight your brand using the sky as your canvas and airplanes as your medium. This kind of marketing works on the simple human tendency to look up when we hear an airplane, which makes us see the aerial banner that is coming behind it. In any case, airplanes are easily visible from the ground when they have big banners trailing behind them. The range of vision of such banners can include hundreds of thousands of people within a short duration.

Aerial banners are usually exposed over particular regions or areas such as festivals, downtown areas, parks, carnivals, beaches, exhibitions etc. These all are the places where aerial advertising is reported to work and bring fruitful results. Crowded beaches, picnic spots, tourists’ spots etc are also some of the hottest places to use airplane advertising. These places work the best because they have a lot of people gathered at a time, so the exposure is definitely quite high.

Generally, aerial banners are exposed to people in a particular ground area for anywhere between 15 and 20 seconds. However, with special instructions, a particular region can be covered repeatedly by making the pilot fly the airplane from horizon to horizon. This enables the airplane advertisement to be exposed for a much longer duration. Hovering and circling maneuvers are also used so that the exposure of the banner over a particular area can be increased.

How high the airplane flies is also an important factor in such advertising as it should be close enough to the ground so that the text in the banner is legible to people on the ground. Generally such flying billboards are flown approximately 1,000 feet above land and 500 feet above water. Research suggests say that after approximately half an hour of exposure, about 88 per cent of the people on the ground will remember that they saw on the aerial banner.

Aerial advertisements encompass several things. Some companies prefer their logos to be advertised whereas others prefer their catchphrases to be remembered. Many companies prefer the picture of their products to be shown high in the air because of the visual effect that can be created. In any case, the idea behind aerial advertising is to bring hundreds of thousands of people’s attention to one particular aerial banner at a time.

Airplane advertising works better than most other advertising forms. When you put advertisements in newspapers readers can miss the ad. Aerial advertising is an answer for that – as in most crowded areas, if your company’s logo, product or service is being highlighted behind a roaring airplane, ignoring it is almost impossible! Involuntarily, everybody looks up and reads whatever is being pulled along by the airplane. One can see how a few seconds of your aerial advertising can reach many people at once.

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