• January 22, 2022

A New Legend In RC Airplanes: The Parkzone Corsair

An unbelievably life-like copy of the F4U Corsair fighter plane is now available to the delight of hobbyist who love the joy of flying RC aircraft. Most demanding pilots are not disappointed with the Parkzone Corsair RC controlled airplane.

The Great Story Of The F4U Corsair

It completed its inaugural flight from an airfield in Guadulcanal. Ships patrolling the Pacific Ocean later on deployed this uniquely designed fighter.They carried more payload than jets and could stay on station longer, based on military historians. During the first 10 months of the Korean War, Corsairs were used for 90 % of all ground-support objectives by Navy and Marine pilots.

Easy RC Plane Assembly

An inverted gull wing design is incorporated with the style of the Parkzone Corsair. This unique configuration helped the original planes to lift off from the decks of air craft carriers and quickly reach a maximum speed of 400 mph. With the rc plane, the wing design enables the hobbyist to easily throw the plane up and see a great take off. Within a few minutes of unpacking the plane, it is ready to fly. Assembling the parts in their correct locations is about the only requirement for the hobbyist.

Every kit has the following:

  • Wing with aileron servos installed and connected to ailerons
  • Receiver in molded fuselage with engine, ESC, & elevator & rudder servos installed
  • 3 blade as well as 2 blade propellers
  • 3 cell Lipoly 1800mAh battery
  • Charger with automobile accessory connector
  • Full range transmitter Spektrum DX5e 2.4GHz
  • Full range receiver Spektrum AR500 5-channel
  • Four double A batteries – Wing skids and Landing gear
  • Instruction guides

Great Flying Fun With The Corsair

The final test with this type of plane involves its in-flight maneuverability, for anyone who is seriously interested in RC airplanes. Based on many of the toughest critics in the hobby, the Parkzone Corsair is really a delight to fly.It efficiently completes smooth turns and the figure “8”. The radio control unit makes for outstanding acrobatics, not unlike the original which used this capability to avoid enemy bullets.

There is the choice of a 2 blade or a 3 blade propeller. The plane performed better in climbs and had better speed with the 2 blade propeller, as observed by some pilots. More stability during flight is achieved using the 3 blade prop. Test flyers noted that aerobatic maneuvers can be done with either type of prop, however the 2 blade prop comes out more defined in terms of rolls, loops, inverted flights and other moves.”

The Parkzone Corsair rc controlled plane could become a legend in its own time, if history is any indicator. This plane will serve as a reminder of the fighter planes that helped win the war, for the hobbyist who loves nothing more than seeing one of these beautifully crafted aircraft rise into the sky.

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