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Evidence Ballet accessory combines beauty, comfort and high performance

Since ballet was invented in 1681, sneakers remain one of the greatest icons of the sport. From heeled shoes to pointe shoes, as they are known today, footwear has undergone numerous changes over time. Today standardized, they no longer vary so much when it comes to format, but details such as fabric, thickness and raw material can completely differentiate one from the other. And, whoever dances, knows that these great details influence a lot at the time of practice.

Whether to give more comfort to the feet or to help carry out more complex movements, Pirouette stands out. Specialized in products aimed at dancers and sportsmen, Evidence Ballet has the model as the flagship of the footwear line. To produce it, it took years of study, research and analysis to understand exactly the needs of the dancers. Therefore, we list five reasons that will make you fall in love with her. Follow below:

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– Durability: In order to get off the paper, many performance and durability tests were done. In addition, the search for suppliers with quality raw materials was carried out in a rigorous and meticulous manner. All this to bring to the market a product of the highest quality and strength.

– Design: Produced in a completely handmade way, Pirouette gives a true class of class and elegance. Finished in satin, the product can be found in salmon pink and matte colors. As, in this case, beauty is not everything, it has elastic ribbons attached, which gives more support and security when dancing.

– Functionality: Before being made available for sale, all sneakers go through a square. This ensures that they reach the 90 degree angle, helping the dancer to reach the ideal support axis.

– Resistance: Thinking of following the evolution of the dancer in all phases, Evidence Ballet has developed four types of insoles. For beginner dancers, still with little strength in the feet, the ideal model is the low resistance (2mm) click here to learn how to start with your tip. For the public with intermediate strength in the feet, the best insoles are those of medium resistance (3mm). The high resistance insoles (4mm) are more suitable for more experienced dancers who have great strength in their feet. And there is also an option of insoles with extreme resistance, made especially for ballerinas who have a lot of strength in the lap of the feet.

– Comfort:All insoles (covered and cushioned) are pre-arched and made of polypropylene. The material, being resistant, prevents them from breaking. This means that you can forget that fear of breaking the insole in the middle of the dance.

With exclusive differentials, Pirouette is already one of the most praised sneakers by professionals in the field. A shoe that was not only thought to be attractive to the eye, but to be comfortable and, above all, functional. That is why many dancers are replacing their old work tools with the new model from Evidence Ballet.

You can learn more about purchasing your Pirouette at Evidence website.

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